Sexual Discovery

I have come to the conclusion that your entire life may be a journey of sexual discovery. It is so interesting to talk to the gents at London escorts about their life experiences. When I do so I soon realise that our outlook on sex changes as we age. When you are young, it is something that you just have to do.

Before I started to work for my first London escorts service, I never thought very much about any of this. Sex was a craving I had, and something that had to be satisfied. A little bit like an itch you just have to scratch.When I had been working for London escorts for a little while, I started to appreciate the journey of sex. Spending time talking to my friends at London escorts, I soon realised that I had many different sexual depths. For instance I had never been attracted to women before, but I had to admit that I did find some of the girls that I worked with at London escorts very attractive. It was not long before I was kissing my colleagues and it felt good.A couple of years later, I love booking and kissing escorts in London. They are so sexy.

I invited even more sexual adventures into my life. One of the girls at the new London escorts service that I started to work for in West London, was really into sex parties. She says London escorts are great to book for sex parties as companions and observers of course. She invited me after we had finished our shifts at London escorts one evening, and I instantly took to going to sex parties. It was just great and a real eye opener. You get a chance to meet all sorts of people at sex parties in London, and you be surprised how many “ respectable” people truly enjoy going to sex parties. I was soon one of them.Now that I have left London escorts, I may have a little bit daily sex in my life, but that does not mean that I don’t enjoy sex.

As I am older now, I have yet again changed my attitude towards sex, and I love to just enjoy it. Sex is not something that I rush anymore. I still have a fantastic appetite for sex, but my sexual experiences have to pleasurable and not rushed at all. It is better to spend an hour in bed with someone than to rush things.No doubt my attitude towards sex is going to change again. I am sure that leaving London escorts has had an impact on my life. It was great while it lasted, but you can’t carry on working nights forever. Now I feel that I have more time to do other things in life, and it has sort of helped me to feel more than awake than ever. I don’t allow myself to become sexually frustrated. If I can’t find the perfect sexual partner, I enjoy a little bit of solo play instead. I think that we should all learn how to be sexually flexible and accept that our life is a sexual journey to be cherished and enjoyed.

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