Living with gay parents can be a negative experience for some children

I knew that my childhood was a bit different, but it wasn’t until I got older that I realized was living with gay parents. When I found out it did not bother me at all as I had “the best childhood ever”. I had the fortune to grow up in artistic family who allowed me to express all of my interests in art and music with a complete free reign through of London escorts beautiful girls, and was a lot luckier than other children. My family may have consisted of two fathers but to me it did not matter. It was so much better than living in the children’s home and I thrived. Today, I am 36 years old with a family of my own and not a day goes past without me thanking God for my two fathers and everything they gave to me. We may not have been rich, but I certainly wanted for nothing in my life.
Living with gay parents can be a negative experience for some children. That being said, some children who live with gay seem to thrive and do much better in life. When I grew up one of my best friends at boarding school had been adopted by two gay chaps. They had found her in when her when they were working in Egypt. A local woman living on the streets had given birth to her but could not afford the essentials, so they bought her things like food and nappies. A couple of months later, they found her abandoned on their doorstep and took her in. After a battle with authorities, they eventually managed to obtain a birth certificate for her and they left for England with little Jumana.
Jumana took to her new life in England with her two fathers and started to thrive. She learned to read at four and by the time she was ready for school she already had a strong character. She was going to need it. The other children at the school did not think there was anything strange about Jumana but the parents certainly did. At no point was Jumana bullied but both her fathers were bullied by parents and school authorities. Eventually the family moved away and Jumana was placed at my school were both parents and mothers and school directors were more accepting of the situation.
Jumana was a very bright and was always encouraged by her parents to follow her interests and her heart. By the age of 12, Jumana was already an accomplished musician and used to set our school choir alight with her lively voice. She was a part of the tennis and outside school hours she was a keen polo player. Jumana did better than many other children from normal two parent families. When it all came down to it she was fully aware that her parents were gay and it did not bother her in the least. Something else Jumana was very good at was science and she excelled in physics.
I suppose you wonder what happened to Jumana. Well, Jumana did grow up to go on to University and today she is a very successful astronomer. Her two loving fathers have gone, and she misses them a lot. Mind you, she talks to them almost every night as she turns her telescope to two distant stars she has named after them. Close by is another star – she has named it Jumana just so that they can always be together. Link for those who wish to discuss this topic further London escorts.

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